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Už Jsme Doma

      UŽ JSME DOMA { pronounce «oosh∼smeh∼dough∼ma» } is a group originally founded in 1985 at Teplice (czech republic)  with some flesh & brain pieces of F.P.B.

Hard to resume more than 35 arghtivism years : Nine studio albums, two re∼recorded & re∼arranged studio recordings, three live albums { last & new one starring Randy of The Residents }, one double DVD, one lyrical book, one pop∼up book & around 3000 shows around the earth… The bands approach to arrangements & style is unique in the world of «rock». They bring instruments & vocals in different directions within the same scales and keys to create a dense melodic atmosphere. In addition, their rhythms often accent off∼beats and half∼beats, throwing the listener into unexpected directions. The music seems to be an exhausting juxtaposition between beauty and ugliness, as songs will frequently shift between modes to create tumultuous, powerful hooks. The combo is also fond of shifts between time signatures and the insertion of extra beats in the shaping of the mood of the song…

The lyrics of Miroslav Wanek are considered as deep sweet crazy poetry. And all artworks are well∼done by permanent non∼musician member, painter Martin Velíšek. Without any doubt : «We are well in their home» !