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GRr000 *


| SP 7” ( BLACK ) 40gr. VINYL 45rpm

      Many rumors & other urban legends exist around this small anonymous musical group directly involved within the zapatista insurrection of January 1rst, 1994 in Chiapas… Coming out hot a few days after the uprising —and revealing in introduction the «First Declaration from the Jungle of Lacandonne»—, this early elementary recording { in direct, without flourish and with acerbic & raw verb —in español, of course, but also in english, to make oneself understood by l@s gring@s— } will be the opportunity for 4 autonomous french structures { New Wave, Toxic Grafity, Ineptie & ! a N G R r ! } to cooperate in order to make internationally and loudly accessible this corrosive & incisive manifesto with black (& red) humor…

Then followed in 1995, a second sound attack «Política Y Esparcimiento…» published by the label of the howler∼agitator of Los Crudos, Limp Wrist (…) Martin Sorrondeguy : LENGUA ARMADA Discos

← ↑ ↓ The struggle has never stopped and will never stop < > The REVOLUCION X is everywhere, inside us → Attention !!! New beautiful & senseful infos for 2022…

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Manufactured, released & distributed in 1994 |
GRr 000  |

    s i d e A
Declaración De Guerra Del E.Z.L.N.
Quiero Ser Tu Esclavo
    s i d e B
Fuck The Border Patrol !
I’m Making My Future With The Border Patrol
Viva Puerto Rico Libre !
«Estado Asociado Libre»

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