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Masto *


      MASTO is a clear and straight sound, an incisive breath ← No genre and especially not his own → Pieces of saxophones characteristic, curious, sensitive & free, whether solo or in group ! The alto & baritone embrace and scratch each other according to the breaths and sound images that scroll. Unclassifiable and asymmetrical, music navigates between prehistoric jazz  & classical music of the future, like a complicit dream…

Born Tomas Heuer in Vanves in a dual german & french culture, is an active self∼taught. Armed with his natural curiosity, a divergent strabismus and a monocular vision, he followed an atypical path, far from schools and his family, and became a photographer at the age of 17. He works in medium or large format and uses his anger, his passions and his technical rigor to serve simultaneously poetic and realistic visions…

At the same time, he made music with his bands Lucrate Milk and Bérurier Noir. He composes —and sometimes plays— for the theater and offers writing & musical composition workshops in prisons. Masto is four times a father { Manon, Paola, Alix & Amata } and lives alternately in the Corsican mountains and the commune of Paris. Always inhabited by an internal necessity of beauty and sharing, this greedy of light and beer seeks justice, pleasure, and strives to respond to the offenses of the world…

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Why The Eye ?

      WHY THE EYE ? Thats the question ! Strong masked quartet (un)formed around raw, artisanal instruments. Their tribal, experimental music shakes the bodies in trance and guarantees a low∼fi and hairy result → These four persona∼phenomena with strange and hairy masks hypnotize, brutalize shamelessly, with force homemade instruments & haunting rhythms (played without programming) that make it a wild organic LIVE experience… Sonic belgium, unique !

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Spring 2022 news

Still & always full of ideas∼desires NOW FUTURE 2022 around different fantastic bubbling, confusing, dancing & invigorating arghtists
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from 12 Aprril to 11 June
• • •
from 15 July to 28 August
• • •
from 26 August to 20 Septembrr
• • •
from 29 Septembrr to 9 Octobrr
• • •
from 13 to 23 Octobrr
• • •
from 25 Octobrr to 15 Novembrr
• • •
Insólito UniVerso
from 17 to 27 Novembrr

• • •
→ Go get organise TOGETHER  new beautiful «curious soirées curated by MadameMacario»
Lets talk . . . ?

Now we could come face to face around those various, furious & curious disparate dates, pirates ! ?

In waiting for meeting us in person on the road with my gossipsstand, if you are really impatient, you can purchase directly (through mailorder)  whole catalog of my ! a N G R r ! and a small selection of my new aNGRRykULTURRa ; Thanx to amigo Fab from LaDistroy,   ! And of course, if you are OR cross by Paris & its outskirts, you could buy (from hand to hand)  cultural material, face∼to∼face, tell me ?

And here are some other misadventures, flippings of daily agitations∼derisions Live actions !

How is Romandie ? (Dis)montages, (dis)collages for lovers of (bad) bad humor and good swiss french moods with PLONK & REPLONK, wonk !

Again & again → Eternal strong thoughts to amigo  Tim Smith from so british attacks ← CARDIACS !

For your general culture, LES PRESSES DU RÉEL are essential.

Disgusting silkscreens, colorful vomit, smelly noises → LE DERNIER CRI, oh oui  ! Pakito Bolino, oh no !

THE label collecting old & new challenging folklores : SUBLIMES FREQUENCIES, precise expertises full surprises…

↑ Learn french with the last (outcast?)  Compact Disc (risk?)  from the symbiosis duo TROTSKY NAUTIQUE → «Satyrical hunter» starring el BDista  David Snug, thug  !

Paris (france)  detour, glamour ! Guided passionate visit to video∼club & bookstore of Patrice & Stéphanie HORS CIRCUITS, kino geeks !

Beautiful beach, image sand, brewing foam… All around the mussels Petites Planètes of Pricilla Telmon & Matthieu Saura aka Vincent Moon, good afternoon.

New & fresh collective & intuitive → ODDHOUSE ← How bad weeds grows ?

Imagine a dreamlike realism photography ← Nicolas Henry, imaginary reality !

Les Bécasses pass, embrace & kick ass…?

Go ‹ › return LILLE ‹ › TAMLALTE on rural travels DO-IT-YOUSSEF, all in relief.

Collective link, fanfare swaggers, brass bond → SURNATURAL ← Orchestral !

O beautiful soul ! If you travel to Paris ? Come & discover the evolution∼exhibition from HEY! Le Dessin at la Halle Saint-Pierre, aware !

All hungarians are bastards ? TROTTEL me why ?

Travel onto the wise wild landscapes of GIGANTONIUM, smells like apple & uranium…

• Loud, nasty & ugly formula MANDIBULA !

 Slippers full of breath, without fluff or mitten → Joce Mienniel amazes with his maze, DRUGSTORE MALONE shouts out…

Venezuelian «punk rock» epilogue, fog → VIVA NADAAriba  !

Sting (ouch !) of reminder to the amnesiacs of electr(on)ical, thoughtful & perverted music → Once upon a time THE RESIDENTS ↓ ↓ ↓

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Hässän K. *

Håssån K.

     HÄSSÄN K. is a persian one∼shaman∼band ; Hacker, fervent defender of free culture & open source,  Do∼It∼Youssef arghtist  all terrain ; Electronic alchemist traversed by oriental melodies and 8bit noises, HASSAN K. mixes folklore & new technologies, occident  & orient, tradition & experimentation on a ground slide tinted with «surf music», «bellydance», «swing» & «dark metal»… Fatal !

Armed with his strange constructed instrumentation : computer∼assisted setar, midi  flute and guitar encrusted with a wiimote, Hāssān K. arouses the amazement of those who would have the misfortune to venture into his mystical∼surrealist trance → In a live electr(on)ic, bordering on dementia alternating symbiosis and deviance, he travels through the western empire as far as Touran, spreading the bad words of his illuminated ancestors…

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m o o d *

m o o d

      She is said to be a magician, a druid, a sorcerer… A certainty : m o o d is an ambitious & precious singer ← Trained with american vocalist Meredith Monk, this arghtist  { Maude Trutet of her real name } is also imbued with popular music from the oral tradition of india and southeast asia, as well as the most innovative, surprising musics ; Her creations beautifully illustrate this inner pilgrimage, steeped in multiple journeys…

When «french chansong» takes off, cross forward, kicks the side roads, travels away → Far, far away !

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AN001 *

The Green Album… Dedicated To Life

| LP 12” ( BLACK ) 180gr. VINYL 33rpm

     Debut & unique album recorded by this sensitive & irreducible canadian power∼trio alike their (very) close amigos NoMeansNo The rapprochement was not only friendly cos SPIKEY NORMAN was such a strange mixture of melodies & energies too…

Sweet neat blend. Wise voyage in 80s  «punk∼rock» period !

To receive digital files with your purchase → Email me |
First & last press of 1100 LP |

Manufactured, released & distributed since 1989 |
AN001  |

  s i d e A
Songs Of The Streets
Drastic Change
I See Myself In You
You And I
Caveman Of The Eighties
A Moment In Time
Only On Earth
  s i d e B
Swallowed Up
Kids Unite
Facts Straight
Only Way To Be
I Want
No Where To Run
Money Will Roll On In

→ You could order directly online via LaDistroy5€ + sheeping
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dates 4€ cash

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ak006 *

Mais Monsieur Marcœur, comment se fait-il…

| BOOK 104∼pages

      SORRY ONLY FRENCH SPEAKING WRITINGS → «In a few stories, i would like to tell you what happens there from time to time, what we sometimes experience there and what it is ultimately with… SACEM { Controversy french copyrights company }. And how appearances are sometimes only apparent and often tend to remain so…». A very beautiful naughty & clever book delicately edited in 6 x 9 size, nice !

Texts chiseled by Albert Marcœur & «photomontaged» by Plonk & Replonk on the happy theme of french copyright. And its full color ! Eyes happiness…

Printed & bound in 2014 by Plonk & Replonk éditeurs & the LABEL FRÈRES |
ak006  |

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AN003 *

Tears Of A Doll

| SP 7” ( BLACK ) 50gr. VINYL 45rpm

     Only vinyl item { from these ex. Heimat-los } performed just before the departure of their singer & second guitarist who caused the evolution to TEAR OF A DOLL

Initially edited by AlternativNoise  { our proto label  before i created my ! a N G R r ! } with a 12∼pages BOOKLET including the 4∼songs texts & various drawings by Le Gore, ANs logo by Cribis, and photos by Gwenaëlle  & Bertrand LaidainOops sorry ← The last stocks of this printed lyrics & illustrations were lost in a flood, splash  !

To receive digital files with your purchase → Email me  |
First & last press of 1100 SP |

Manufactured, released & distributed since 1991 |
AN003  |

  s i d e A
Fake Attempt
Under The Sun Of Dachau
  s i d e B

→ You could directly order online via LaDistroy2€ + sheeping
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