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→ ↓ ↑ ← Write me to receive every details of upcoming appointments∼rendezvous∼encounters all over france & europe > > > where you could come visit my itinerant «gossips stand» info$hop

N O ← There is no complete list of references that i help distribute in exchange or in purchase. My idea∼envy is above all to cross & find each other, approach us around the futile pretext of discovering cultural fetishes : Listen, read, converse, and take the time to discover (oneself) firsthand, quietly…
Only few of the whole items i help spread are available through mailorder, a little more expensive & a little less interactive ; So for the impatient dudes and those who are physically beyond european geography → You can surf on the selected anthology through LaDistroy the friendly webstore of my amigo  AbFab.

Y E S ← The overwhelming majority of these hundreds of Vinyls, Cassettes, CD, VHS, DVD, Comix, Books, Zines, Newspapers, Magazines, Postcards, Tshirts ( . . . ) travel ONLY in my presence∼wandering here & there & there too… !

Do not forget that i am 300% DO∼IT∼MYself  volunteer & queer and (very) mucho  on the road ; So go check the dates where we could meet in real… I am always —except in case of force majeure— on the van with the various arghtists that i accompany on tours → bringing together dozens of global self productions∼passions of my beautiful ! a N G R r ! and a large selection of my (non)senseful aNGRRykULTURRa Besides, you can ask me to keep aside stuffs so you could catch them during my multiple voyages in direct to collect your order and pay it cash to me much cheaper & in person

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