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GRr025 *

Nemilovaný Svět

| Double EP 10” ( RED ) 110gr. VINYLS 33rpm

    Recorded in the same session than their debut «Uprostřed Slov» right after the fall of the «Berlin wall» which precipitated the «velvet revolution», in which UŽ JSME DOMA adventure was involved…

According to Miroslav Wanek statements —UJDs thinking & acting head— : this record is based on a fairy tale pulled of the «King Lear» of Shakespeare, this history of king which asks his three daughters : «How do you love me ?» { Yet there is a czech fairy tale which looks like that }. The first girl answers «I love you as the gold» ; The second «I love you as the silver» ; And the third «I love you as the salt». «As the salt ?» answers the King. «It is unpleasant, go away !». Later the kingdom suffers from a shortage of salt, and nobody anymore can cook or even feed themselves. King eventually realizes that the salt was finally also important, otherwise more than gold and silver…

This second recording is a new pavement in the czech slump of late 80s ; A rare pearl of poetic madness ← Originally this album was released in 1990 as a LP 12. This new remastered «special DELUXE» pressing comes in the shape of a Double EP 10” (clear RED WINE vinyls) embellished with new visuals —designs & paintings— by Martin Velíšek and translations of the poetic lyrics of Miroslav Wanek ; in french, english and polish. Beautiful (new) discovery !

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          Disc 1
    s i d e A
Mu Je Ha
Jazz 1960 (Věnováno Jazzové Sekci)
    s i d e B

          Disc 2
    s i d e C
Výlov Rybníka
    s i d e D
Nemilovaný Svět
Tradiční Kočka

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