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A.M.D. *


      A.M.D. { Anti Military Demonstration } was founded by Sotár  and Kiskovács  in the summer of 1987, under the influence of the first hungarian hardcore  group Marina Revue. The initial line∼up brought together guitarist Füleki Sanyi —who also played in Leukémia— bassist Cséb, singer Sotár, drummer Kiskovács. The first concert took place at the Muter Club in February 1988, and in mid88 they recorded the first of many demo∼tapes they would publish. Cséb  left the group due to military service in August, replaced by Sík Bandi (ex. Kazányi) and concerts in western europe began with him. Early 1989 a limited edition of «Sucking Stalin Tour» was released by a small label  in germany. Due to musical differences, Füleki Sanyi  left the band in December 89. The new guitarist temporarily became Tádé  and in the summer of 1990, they found their new guitarist in the person of Lörke  (ex. Trottel, Marina Revue, Qss) which since then defines the new sound of the group. At the end of that same year, the hungarian label BLACK YUK  released the K7 «Dont March in !». A.M.D. played with Idiots, Spermbirds, Rich Kids on Lsd, RIP, Fugazi, Bodycount, Carcass… At the end of 1991, they released their debut full∼lengh album «The Horrors of War, Even Worse» which was released with help of our proto∼label  & distro AlternativNoise and still available in LP & K7 via  aNGRRykULTURRa.

With the separation of Sotár  in November 1993, the band was dissolved, followed by its unfortunate death in 1994. At the end of this year, they reunite and decide to relaunch A.M.D. with a new singer → Cséb, who played bass in 88. In 1995, the CD «Survivors» was released with this formation which lasted until the end of 1996 with the new departure of Cséb. From 1997 to 2000 they were looking for a singer, they had gigs with different line∼up but couldnt find a suitable singer. From 1999, Kiskovács  continued with Aurora  and A.M.D. seemed finished…

I let you discover the rest of their adventures since the 2000 years → A.M.D. keep fighting !