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      Dancing on the ashes of COPYRIGHT, this stormy quartet sharpened its noisy ill-in-the-head precision∼confusion ; COPYWRONG was : François Zzrif ← bass, also in TEAR(S) OF A DOLL + Gogor & sa holde ← bass + M.C. à Rio ← microphone + Morej ← drums.

Existence∼lightning presence between 1996 and 1997, just enough time to do some nice & warm shows, often in duet∼duel with los amigos from KING BISCUIT ; And put out a 10 split EP with the same last ones, as well as a trilogy of CD compilations → «Minor Threat — Out Of Tune» with a cover of «Guilty Of Being White» + «Amnistia» in support of basque∼country prisoners + «Teck One — La Mauvaise Herbe» with the latest unpublished creations { That you can listen on the player above  }. Then, various consequent projects responding to the following nicknames will keep up the sonic struggle : AUDIO SUPERSTAR (1999), GOPHER WYBOROWA (2000 → 2003), DANCE KENNEDYS (2001), MOUSTAFA MOUSTACHE no featuring UNLOGISTIC (2004 → 2010), STANLEY KUBI (2004 → 2011), then more recently with b a b i l SABIR (2015 ← 2018) and SUPERTRUMP (2017)

And as Jimi Hendrix said : A good guitarist is a dead one !