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Stanley Kubi *

Stanley Kubi

      Friends of poetry, here comes STANLEY KUBI. Lets stay clear & lucid for a moment : These were just a bass, a mandolin, a guitar, a drumset, an «épinette des Vosges», a dulcimer, a trombone, a piano and a microphone… Good. It all started with a well∼watered aperitif full of red∼blood wine, fine. A few cubis  later, the revelation swims at the bottom of the throat : Stanley Kubrick  is dead, viva STANLEY KUBI ! The rest of the story, you know it, everyone knows it, no kidding ?

 Deconstruction of the imagination. Drunkness of the drunkness. Complexity of the simplicity. Hardcore folklore. Dementia wandering. Smile before death. Everything is said in the little sentence on the back of their first & last album «Music By» : «Irregular rhythm which portrays confusion and terror. Mess. Rhythm altered on purpose to make it more expressive» → In few words we could say : Harmony, elegance & good taste.