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King Biscuit

      Infamous carnivorous fantastic 4 < > Rouen bites you ! KING BISCUIT was formed in early 1992 as a trio with the intention of playing acoustically in the streets. June of the same year, first concerts. It failed : immediate electric skidding. There were then a permanent one∼upmanship, each trying to cover the other 2 —at the sound level, to be heard—, with the result : an increasingly pronounced hardening of the music of the countryside orchestra. Early 1994, a trumpet came in the dish of the french biscuit kings. The decibel∼snag madness goes beyond the limits. The «P∼core» found a new lease of life, phew  ! Hundreds of shows, 3 demo cassettes, many compilations participations, a 7 split & a 10 split will follow one another until the dissolution of the four liquid lovers, slurp  !

KING BISCUIT was : Mimile ← trumpet, voice, danse, any kind of works + Pakal ← bass, guitar, voice, and everything that comes up —later, he played guitar with STANLEY KUBI… + Pédro ← drums, harmonica, voice, possibly something else + Rawl ← guitar, banjo, bass, drums, voice, open to any propositions —besides, he also played banjo with GOPHER WYBOROWA— … What adventures…