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Mike Watt *

Mike Watt

      Michael David «MIKE» WATT —born December 20, 1957— is an american bassist, singer & composer, from San Pedro (california). He is mainly recognized as a co∼founder of pioneer formations MINUTEMEN, DOS and fIREHOSE ; as well as by becoming in 2003 the official bassist of the original reboot of IGGY AND THE STOOGES

regroup the guitarist∼singer Tom WatsonSlovenly, The Pair Of Pliers, The Jom And Terry Show, Red Krayola + the drummer Raul MoralesFYP, Killer Dreamer, The Leeches. The name of the trio is a humorous reference linked to the fact that during a european tour in 2005 for the album of MIKE WATT «The Secondmans Middle Stand», none musician from The SecondmenPete Mazich < > Jerry Trebotic  could participate… The Missingmen made their first stage performances fall 2006, openning for M. WARD. Mike Watt intended to record an album with The Missingmen since 2007, but no formal plan was announced before 2009, when both acolytes finished the guitar & drums tracks for «Hyphenated-man» in New York. By rereading various interviews with MIKE WATT, this album would feature a multitude of short songs inspired by paintings by Hieronymous Bosch. The album, initially produced on a japanese label in October 2010, were also the debut reference from self∼run label by Mike  himself : CLENCHEDWRENCH

This hyperactive arghtivist  never stop recording & touring with so many other musicians around the world, that i wont risk listing them all… More fresh news in… 2022 ?