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GRr021 *

Missing The Minutemen

| EP 10” ( GREEN ) 110gr. VINYL 45rpm

    What a great little∼big gift from amigo MIKE WATT, himself → 30 years after the release of the MINUTEMEN —mythical, epic & unique— album «Double Nickels On The Dime» coinciding with the very∼first european tour curated by MadameMacario  and shared with GUESS WHAT & LŒillère from Februarry 20 to Aprril 19, 2014 ; MIKE WATT+THE MISSINGMEN suggested me to help spread this —tasty & respectful— selection of 6 HOMMAGE interpretations taken from this 1984 «chef dœuvre»… Just a sweet neat iconoclast blast !

← ↑ ↓ Eternal strong thoughts to Dennes Dale «D.» BoonApril 1rst, 1958 < > December 22nd, 1985  !

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    s i d e A
The Big Foist
My Heart And The Real World
    s i d e B
The Politics Of Time
The World According To Nouns

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