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Dying For A Drinkie

| BOXSET miniCD + Insert∼Poster + Sticker + Badge

      So this time, for their second sound imposture, STANLEY KUBI venture around the cinematographic interpretation of Stanley Kubrick from controversal book of Vladimir Nabokov «LOLITA» ← with 4 new «original soundtracks» for nearly a quarter of an hour of love & fresh beer !

And as usual, those alcoholics of dark kino rooms offer you a pretty nice object in quality full∼color dolby∼stereo : a cute size 3 CD in a transparent mini∼DVD box with a lovely insert∼poster, a spicy badge and sticky stickers to complete your collection…
← For the charming special guest : Peter Sellers  at the piano, yo  !
Stealworks from defunct TRAX.

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