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| LP 12” ( BLACK ) 140gr. VINYL 33rpm

    Debut & unique ALBUM of STANLEY KUBI co∼released with german label, TCWTGA —in VINYL or CD; 13 acrobatic & eclectic fantaisies for a (very) original version around the shady luminous movie∼picture «BARRY LYNDON» from Stanley Kubrick ; Reviewed & corrected by 6 cinephiles alcoholics united…

Before you decide to consume this KUBI product : Think carefully about where you would put it in your record collection ← Between Scorpions and SupertrampSardou and TopaloffSepultura and System Of A DownSiege and Terveet KadetSpike Jones and Tex Avery ? Will have we to choose between rain or shine ? Money or life ? The disc at 19,99€ at your local dealer or the free download ? Starvation or obesity ? Security or freedom ?

→ Ethyl (photo)graphic diversions from defunct TRAX.

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Manufactured, released & distributed since 2007 |
GRr 009  |

    s i d e A
My Toast To You
I Beg Your Pardon ?
Gentlemen, Cock Your Pistols !
He Loves As A Bird Sings… And A Rose Blows From Nature
Wine Or Punch, My Lord ?
Women Of Ireland
I’m Not Dead
    s i d e B
Big Boys Don’t Sleep With The Candles Lit
Add Jealousy
Poor, Lonely And Childless
Resist The Invaders
Fortune & Condition (In E Flat)

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