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Guess What

      Luke Warmcop { drums, percussions, trumpet… } & Graham Mushnik { various & multiples keyboards… } formed GUESS WHAT in 1968 (2005). They started by rehearsing endlessly, locked in their garage mainly, producing obscure & metaphysical music in the form of (very) original soundtracks… Since 1971 (2008), the duo have been relentlessly testing the stage, developing a set of instrumental pieces dedicated to russian cosmonot Yuri Gagarin  who gave the concept album «Yuri Gagarin—12 Modern Odes to Historys Greatest Spaceman» → edited on their own label, CATAPULTE. In 1973 (2010), the 2 acolytes discovered the sinuous and pernicious lairs of the «Giallo» cinema and follow up the recording of some imaginative and inventive italian works → The LP recording «Mondo Giallo» was out on IMAGENES Records ← Since then, out of print, 5 of its hits have been reissued via our concept compilation boxset «Dont Worry Be Angrry» in 1980 (2017). In the meantime, a new focus monopolized them to finally achieve in 1978 (2015) a third and surprising LP «Al-Khawarizmi», named in hommage of the persian mathematician & astronomer, around the music of the middle∼east…

• GUESS WHAT also collaborated with Compagnie Titanos for the (re)creation of the musical ambiance of mystico∼steelmaking circus show «Ouroboros» in the streets in 1981 (2018)

And welcome to the fourth —sonic— dimension «Music for the Education of Children in Space» all∼just edited, delivered, flown in 1984 (2021) → (Im)patient & (ir)relevant new discovery !