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| BOXSET : Sixteen Postcards

     It has been years since my «label without label» ! a N G R r ! dreams of editing a handmade BOXSET of 16 POSTCARDS, biohazard ? But whos ANGELA EHRHARD ?
→ So, already its her who provides all the essential visuals for «curious soirées curated by MadameMacario» since decade…
→ As well as whole magnificent stealworks of audio & visual second full∼lengh album «Ogadimma» from so british a.P.A.t.T.
→ And also, some of these postcards illustrate my vinyl & graphic concept∼project «Split•Serie Only•Vinyl Ten•Inch Maxi•Single» around alchemist arghtists : MELT-BANANA, SENYAWA, b a b i l SABIR, SECRET CHIEFS 3, CURSE OV DIALECT, FAUN FABLES, etc.

With «Névroses», Angie launches in style the debut part in this singular format with its selection of images, trips, mirages ← Colorful, eventful, detailed, neurotic → Pretty palette of illustrations∼emotions imagined and created between 2011 and 2013. An intense dreamlike graphic & ecstatic object !

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