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GRr035 *


| LP 12” ( BLUE ) 180gr. VINYL 33rpm

    This second building∼recording of the ZOO concept is a new challenge, addressing the architecture and history of severals legendary edifices —mystical or real— ; like a traveler who returns home with his head full of memories & stories about the pyramids of Giza in egypt, the Leifeng pagoda in Hangzhou, the arch of the sun in bolivia, the labyrinth of Daidalos in crete, the mythical city of El Dorado in colombia, the Rama bridge which was once supposed to link india & sri lanka, the Agora in Athens, the story of «Noahs ark» { which appears in the books of judaism, christianity, islam and Sumer }, from the ghost town of Wentira in Sulawesi to the temple of Borobudur  in Java…

As an album inspired by the mythology & philosophy of various ancient constructions & architectures, «Samasthamarta» will be accompanied by architectural sketches that illustrate the process of birth, development and destruction of a city…

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Will be manufactured, released & distributed in 2023 |
GRr 035  |

    s i d e A
Gapura Matahari
Labirin Daidalos
    s i d e B
Bahtera Nuh
Rama Setu
Bara Beduhur
Benteng Troya

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