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GRr019 *

Book Of Horizons

| Double LP 12” ( BLACK ) 180gr. VINYLS 45rpm

    Fourth recording of SECRET CHIEFS 3 and debut volume from «BOOK OF TRUTH» trilogy. Bringing together for the very first time almost all the satellite bands of the supergroup concept. Intoxicating & confusing mosaic, archaic of modernity ← This is the SC3 cult album, catapult !

Originally released on CD in 2004, and for this «special DELUXE» vinyl version, in agreement with WEB OF MIMICRY  { the production∼(re)creation from Trey Spruance : also brain operator of  SC3  }.

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GRr 019  |

          Disc 1
    s i d e A
FORMS | The End Times
Ishraqiyun | The 4 (Great Ishraqi Sun)
Traditionalists | The Indestructible Drop
Holy Vehm | Exterminating Angel
    s i d e B
FORMS | The Owl In Daylight
Traditionalists | The Exile
The Electromagnetic Azoth | On The Wings Of The Haoma

          Disc 2
    s i d e C
UR | Book T : Exodus
Holy Vehm | Hypostasis Of The Archons
Traditionalists | The Electrotheonic Grail Dove
Ishraqiyun | The 3
    s i d e D
The Electromagnetic Azoth | DJ Revisionist
UR | Anthropomorphosis : Boxleitner
FORMS | Welcome To The Theatron Animatronique

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