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GRr006 *


| LP 12” ( BLACK ) 180gr. VINYL 45rpm + CD

     2002, france stinks ! Already 6 years that the sensitive edgy of the abrasive collective UNLOGISTIC stack their «pop»ish disgust, but this fatal year marks an unprecedented invigorating turning point : The machines bludgeon the bass and the drums —Drum & Bass ?— ; The guitars strafe everything that moves, and it wriggles severely. Pathetic moans and other voices, choruses in heart multiply, with many eclectic, energetic vocal guests. The sound is raw, compact, dry, soft & hard —HardCore ?—. They brutalize their melodies ; They sing their cries. They copy their elders without ever really succeeding in plagiarizing them… Eh eh  !

This VINYL+CD object relentlessly spits 15 noisy & hasty firebugs attacks with fiery derision and combative pessimism < > 17 minutes in vain, finally ← The fist raised towards nothingness →

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Manufactured, released & distributed in 2002 |
GRr 006  |

    s i d e A
Sang Gènes
Wars For Sale
Working Prison
Friday Fatalist Rescue
Summer Sunday
Big Machine Weakness
    s i d e B
Amateur Lobotomie Part 1
Amateur Lobotomie Part 2
Pessimisme Combatif
Georges Jungle
Karaoke Against Fake Beauty

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