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Sax Ruins

      Formed by Tatsuya Yoshida { drums } & Ono Ryoko { sax alto, flute } to perform songs from RUINS in 2006, under the name SAX RUINS, they restructure the orchestration of the pioneer & mythical duet Ruins { created in 1985 with the bassist Kawamoto Hideki, then 3 more in a row until 2004… } with the instrumental involvement of saxophone…

ONO RYOKO is a seasoned improvised music activist from Nagoya. She also plays in various formations of «jazz», «rock», «funk», «rhythm & blues» and «hip∼hop», also as studio musician. In 2007, she founds her own group, Ryorchestra. She created her own musical language, «language R» to compose & write sounds. She explores and pursues several playing techniques with infinite sound possibilities, multi∼phonic, rich & complex, in doing so she is a partner of choice for the percussive incisive octopus TATSUYA YOSHIDA

Tatsuya started the drums in the early 80s… 40 years later he has grown into an incredible and insatiable poly∼rhythmic monster with syncopated breathing. Initiated from a very young age by the «progressive∼rock», he listened Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Camel  and This Heat. Of course, he does not hesitate to express his great influence in the person of Christian Vander  and the Kobaïans  opera choir as well as the singular phrasing of Magma. He easily drew in all these sonic strata. You can create 15 rock records with a single album of RUINS. Each composition can be developed in so many different directions. The foundations of alternative & independent japanese music were born in the 80s ; Yoshida already played with YBO2  along with Masashi Kitamura and K.K. Null  (future Zeni Geva) when, in 85, he started the bass < > drums duel Ruins. He is also drummer with Zeni Geva, Acid Mothers Temple, Korekyojin  and also officiates in Koenji Hyakkei ensemble… He has also worked with various musicians such John Zorn, Derek Bailey, Bill Laswell, Keiji Haino, Otomo Yoshihide, etc. He infuses a new, concentrated & complex style incorporating the expressionism of «prog∼rock», the freedom of «jazz» and the energy of «punk». Yeah  !