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Extrem Cherokee

        In a world where music is losing its true value, where big apples and corporations think only of extreme profits ; In this world where money has taken precedence over arghtistic, there are still men, courageous & reckless, who dare to challenge this sounding & stumbling industry and trying to juxtapose a different, irreverent vision of the musical spectacle  and want to change the dogmas of greeding & dominating markets castrators of talented arghtists. These men are a number of four and have set up their base camp in france at Rouen, the city of propaganda. Daring to raise their sword against sonic insipidity, they arrive with a claiming and provocative brulotglaviot, drawing its sources from «extreme music» ← nuff said

EXTREM CHEROKEE (2003 → 2009)  those were & did : Damien ← stereophonic rhythmic guitars, stereophonic solo guitars, choirs, heroic harmonic riffs + Guillaume ← rhythmic bass guitar, heavy, vocals, sound effects, heavy metal fashionista + Nicolas ← bass drum, snare drum, alto tom, bass tom, hi∼hat (closed & open), cymbals & sticks, gameboy, backing vocals, double∼pedal symphonies + Robin ← shouted voices, singing voices, choirs, keyboards, texts and spiritual vibrations.