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      SENYAWA { in indonesian } means unity, harmony, blend… And it is indeed a question of symbiosis, of balance between a secular musical tradition on the island of java and a popular tradition which is much more familiar to us in the western culture : «metal».
Rully Shabara { also active in concept combo Zoo } belches, chants & spouts in javanese highly technical vocal sequences with an incredible plastic rhythm ↑ And Wukir Suryadi plays various instruments built with his own hands, often including a bamboo with strings, a kind of javanese guitar created, hacked, made & amplified. Senyawa is the bright face of globalization as we would like to see it more often, when traditions collide, overlap, to give birth to new sounds that are truly mind∼boggling, exciting, astonishing…

This improbable & incredible duel was born in 2010 when an impromptu, incongruous improvisation was created under the impetus of Wok The Rock —Jogjakartas fundamental arghtivist— as part of its experimental local festival… Immediately, love at first sight breaks out between the 2 unique arghtists  under the astonished eyes of the public present this decisive evening, knowing that they were discovering something special, original, vital !

 Since then, they tour & record regularly and are invited here & there in oceania, asia, north america & europe ; Soon the interstellar world…